Welcome to Dash Of Silver

First of all I would like to thank you all for taking the time to visit our website and taking time to read about us and most  importantly join us on our journey to createmore awareness for Male Cancer.

Dash of Silver is named after myself Daniel Silver, due to my own personal battle with Testicular Cancer in July 2009. Waking up to the news that you have Cancer is the worst feeling in the world and it is soul destroying. The best feeling though is waking up to the news that you have beaten Cancer. To be able to be here to have this charity named after myself is a very humbling feeling and it makes me extremely proud to know that.

Cancer is an enigma and we all are affected by it, whether it’s through personal battles or through friends, family & work colleagues. Awareness is essential in our battle to prevent it occurring to ourselves or our loved ones. Dash of Silver is the name of our charity and It was created with the help & support of my wife and close friends.  I can say that battling Cancer has changed my life forever and I am eternally grateful to every person who has saved my life and made me the person I thrive to be

I would like to dedicate this charity to my family and friends whom I would be lost without all your love and support To anyone who has battled cancer and have successfully overcome their battle and to every person and their family whom unfortunately have lost their battle. Most importantly I want to dedicate this to my wife, without her love and support I wouldn’t be hear right now.

Myself and the team that work very hard within the charity have been working hard on a project, a vision that I had during my battle with Cancer and that is to create a Male Cancer Support Group here in Plymouth. We believe that nobody should ever have to wake up to the news that they have Cancer and also that nobody should ever have to go through it alone. I was lucky enough to have a fantastic support network around me, some are less fortunate. We at Dash are proud to announce that we have launched Dashnet ‘If it isn’t me, it might be you’, our Male affected by Cancer support group here in Plymouth Devon.


So please join us on our Journey and together we can say ” Pants to Cancer ”

I promise you this…

“We at Dash of Silver will thrive to make sure we create more awareness for Male Cancer and promote the “Know your Body” with the general public and also support Male Cancer patients throughout their battle with Cancer “.

So thank you again for joining us on our journey to ” Say Pants to Cancer

Dan Silver


Join us and say: 'Pants to Cancer'