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Jacob’s story

Why I joined DASH….

I’ve been fortunate to have known Dan for quite a number of years. In all that time, I’ve always known him for his generosity and kindness.
When Dash was established, I wanted to help Dan’s cause, as I knew what he’d been through with this terrible disease.
There are a lot of good organisations out there, that do everything they can to help those who are ill, including the hospital staff, etc.

They deserve thanks for their endeavours and I also feel that there needs to be more awareness made for men’s cancers.
Cancer can effect and strike in anyway, but whilst there’s plenty of publicity on cancer itself, cancers such as testicular cancer needs to be highlighted more, so that more males are aware and know what signs to look for.
No stigma, no embarrassment, just straight forward facts and making people aware.
For what Dash was set up for, I therefore had no hesitation in deciding to join and help Dan fight his cause.

Love Jacob x 

Alexa’s story

I joined Dash of Silver to make a difference in people’s lives, in their hour of need, and when they will need it the most. I’m at my happiness when I’m giving back to make others happy.

Dash of Silver are a local charity wanting to raise awareness, support other cancer charities and our local hospital.

Dash of Silver will achieve their goals through their dedicated committee members and I want to be part of that success.


Alexa x



Jason’s story

I hate cancer!

I lost my uncle to cancer a couple of years ago, after fighting it for so long, and so hard he still died in my arms.

I didnt want anyone to have to go through this.  I will do all that I can to bring an end to cancer.  

Jason. X 

The Dash of Silver Team

The Dash of Silver team is made of a group of people from all walks of life. We each have different experiences with cancer and it has touched us in many different ways. As mentioned in a pervious blog post Dash of Silver is named after Daniel Silver and it was Dan’s battle with cancer that started the charity and you can read his story on here.

We would like to introduce you to the other members of the Dash of silver team.

Daniel & Tanya Silver

Jacob Quelch

Abigail James

Alexa Jay Spire

Jason Brockman

Jayne Plant

Vicky Hanton

Julie McCurry

Over the following weeks you will be able to read all of the team’s stories and why they choose to join Dash of Silver.




Welcome to Dash of Silver

First of all, We  want to thank you all for taking the time to visit our blog and taking time to read about us and most importantly join us on our journey to create more awareness for Male Cancer.

Dash of Silver is named after Daniel Silver a testicular cancer survivor. Dan decided that if he won his battle with cancer he would give back to the people who helped him though his darkest days. Dan also wanted to raise more awareness for male cancer.

Most of us have known someone who has had cancer and how it effects the life of the person who is fighting and the people around them.

When Dan first thought about starting this charity it was just an idea he put to his wife Tanya Silver, they then went and recruited a small team of people who they knew would help them on their mission.

Over the next couple of weeks you will be able to read about our Dash of silver team and the reason behind them joining the charity and all our events. We are well in to our fifth year and we have lots of amazing things planned for 2019

We do also have a  Facebook page DASH OF SILVER,

We are an official Charity registered on 19th August 2015,  charity number- 1163199

We promise you this

“We at Dash of Silver will thrive to make sure we create more awareness for Male Cancer and promote to “Know your Body” with the general public and also raise some monies for our nominated charities.”.

So thank you for joining us on our journey to ” Say Pants to Cancer”