Who we support

We at the charity are raising money in order to highlight and raise awareness of male cancers and to support men affected in any way, either directly or indirectly with Cancer in our support group.

Derriford Hospital:
University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust aim is to provide the best possible standards of Cancer Treatment, care & support. Derriford Hospital aims to do it better and faster. University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust is a Cancer Centre Specialist that delivers treatment to the patients through surgery, radiotherapy & chemotherapy services. Plymouth Oncology Centre is a centre of Excellence in the treatment of Cancer. Their aim is to provide the best possible care for their patients.

Why I chose them:

I owe my entire life and future life to them, they have played a massive part in my life, not only through my treatment & care, but they have made me the person I have become. They will always have a special place in my heart. They are wonderful people who pull on my heart strings every time I am around them. They are people who care for you unconditionally and there are not enough words to describe them. This is my chance to say thank-you to them and it’s my gift to them.

While I was undergoing my treatment at Derriford there were a few things I felt I needed. Some things were silly but while sat having Chemo I had the coldest feet! Also the time spent sat receiving the treatment was so long and boring.

With some of the money we have raised we make up a Care Pack for every male receiving treatment for testicular cancer. We put these together to try and make an unexpected trip to hospital a little more comfortable. They include a Kindle and holder, thermal socks, dressing gown and wash bag with all the toiletries required. These cost in the region of £200 per pack. We are lucky to be associated with Plymouth Chiropractor Clinic at Mannamead who include a voucher for a treatment. We also include an invite for two to our Annual Ball.

So far we have donated 40 of these care packs and the feedback has been that they have been very well received.




Join us and say: 'Pants to Cancer'