Dash News update






2017 has been a great year for the charity, we have successfully launched Dashnet ‘ If it isn’t me, it might be you’ in late April. It is a vision, we as a team, as a charity and as a community we have bought into. It is is great honour to provide that support to everyone.

As a charity we have been working on many avenues to try and create more awareness for Male Cancer and also enhance the awareness of Dashnet. So we are proud to announce that for the 2017/2018 Basketball campaign we will be supporting and working closely with the Plymouth Raiders Basketball team.

gfgDashnet is very important to the charity, as  it brings the community together as a whole, but Dan wanted to give something else extra back to the community. 

Dan decided on creating Dash Care packs for all the patients battling Testicular Cancer here in Plymouth as he knew personally what they were battling, he wanted to show that we as a charity that we care for their welfare and we are here for them always. So far over the past 6 months the charity has provided 30 gift packs to Patients whom are currently battling testicular cancer here in Plymouth Devon.

Recently the charity was presented with Community Champions award for our continuous work in the community. A very proud moment for the charity.

Join us and say: 'Pants to Cancer'