We at Dash of Silver are very proud to announce that on Tuesday April 25th here in Plymouth we launched Dashnet. Dashnet is a Male Cancer oriented Support Group where Men whom are battling Cancer, whom have overcome Cancer or have been affected by cancer. They have the opportunity to come and do normal ‘Manly things’ like read the newspaper, talk about their hobbies and even have a small bite to eat and drink. They will not be pressurised into talking about their connection with Cancer, they will get our full attention as some people do not have any support network and we at Dash of Silver want to be that support network. So on every last Tuesday of every month at the Brook Inn, Plympton, Dashnet will be hosted from 1900-2100 so everyone is welcome always. This is a special time for our charity.

The slogan; ‘ If it isn’t me, it might be you’ comes from the statement that 1 in 2 people are now being diagnosed with Cancer and that needs to change. So please join us and help this exciting project reach its full potential

Join us and say: 'Pants to Cancer'