Public Donation’s



We rely heavily on the the support of the general public and any donations are extremely appreciated not just by Dan and the Dash team but also by the charity’s that we donate to.

We had our first generous donation in May 2014 from Plymouth Chiropractic Clinic where i was presented with a cheque of £275 from Tracey Whittingham & Adam Osbourne. The kind donation was raised through their Easter Egg hunt.


Dan was also invited to attend a charity fund raising evening at the Ker Street Social Club on November 29th where they had a re-launch under new ownership and they kindly presented Dan with £148.37 a few days later as their donation to Dash of Silver.

Ker street piccy night

We will continue to work together in the future as Dash of Silver will always support people within the community.

Dan silver and the Dash team.

Join us and say: 'Pants to Cancer'