Jacob’s story

Why I joined DASH….

I’ve been fortunate to have known Dan for quite a number of years. In all that time, I’ve always known him for his generosity and kindness.
When Dash was established, I wanted to help Dan’s cause, as I knew what he’d been through with this terrible disease.
There are a lot of good organisations out there, that do everything they can to help those who are ill, including the hospital staff, etc.

They deserve thanks for their endeavours and I also feel that there needs to be more awareness made for men’s cancers.
Cancer can effect and strike in anyway, but whilst there’s plenty of publicity on cancer itself, cancers such as testicular cancer needs to be highlighted more, so that more males are aware and know what signs to look for.
No stigma, no embarrassment, just straight forward facts and making people aware.
For what Dash was set up for, I therefore had no hesitation in deciding to join and help Dan fight his cause.

Love Jacob x 

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